Sunday, July 02, 2006

Retconning the blog*

As obsessive Woodywatchers already know, there have been some Blogger issues since Friday that have prevented updates. They appear to finally be resolved. Maggie's long-awaited post (yesterday) is probably going to be up soon, and when it finally goes up the archives will reflect that there never was any gaps in the updates, which is the way I like it; I've not missed a day on a post, and because I can manipulate the dates it won't look like I did in the future.

I'm also the only person that hasn't missed a day visiting Woody. On day 2, Maggie was so sick and sore that she didn't even get to see him, so I've got the longest active streak of seeing him on consecutive days. On the one hand, it's awesome that I've not had any gaps in visitation. On the other hand, it means that if he ever gets well enough that we can consider, say, going on a camping trip, I wonder if the perceived need to keep the streak going will deter me from taking some needed time away. I hope not, but I know on at least some level it will.

Woody is doing well again today. He is slowly gaining weight, and his only real problem with that is that he's having some, er, irregularities that will probably require some degree of mild intervention (Nurse J told us last week that using the glycerine suppositories are quite the trick for a NICU nurse to learn, because they're so small they tend to melt in your hands in just a few seconds). We aren't that worried about it. He's also been bumped up to 17q2 feedings to help him continue to gain some chub. Assuming he makes any progress on his O2 needs at all, he's likely to get his first extubation attempt later this week, if he doesn't just pull it out on his own. I'm thinking and hoping that his high requirements on that front may reflect his constant annoyance with having that tube down his throat. We will see.

*Retconning is a very dorky neologism meaning Retroactive continuity. A classic example of a retcon is the explanation of the "Kessel Run" in Star Wars. Han Solo says that the Millenium Falcon is the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. A parsec is, of course, a unit of distance and not of time, so the Star Wars uber-dorks decided that it referred to a curvilinear trip from point a to point b around a black hole, and therefore the shorter a trip the faster the ship must have been. A slightly less geeky example is the explanation of the entire season of Dallas being explained as Pam Ewing's dream (oddly, the spin-off Knots Landing was based on the alternate reality of that dream, which introduces its own quantum mechanic to the soap opera world). More retcons here.


At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Grammie said...

Okay, so I can see it coming: Woody was not REALLY a micropreemie. He was actually born on time and seemed so very small because he is secretly an X-man with special grow powers. . . .

I also love backward formations, the linguistic version of retcons. The word "dishevel" is an example, a verb formed after the fact as the precursor of the adjective "disheveled."


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