Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Widening the circle

When you've been coming into the NICU for as long as we have, not only do you start to know the routine, you get to know most of the people that are here. To enter the unit, for example, you have to pick up a security phone and get buzzed in by a staffer sitting at a desk inside the unit, who watches you through a video camera as you're standing there (during business hours, there's actually a greeter at another, closer desk). After I figured out that they could see me standing there, I started getting a little goofy with the intro. This usually consists of doing nothing more stupid than smiling really huge directly at the camera. Most of the time they buzz me in even before I can say or do anything. If I'm holding a vial of breast milk, sometimes I hold it right in front of the camera as if it's my hall pass. It gets the point across, even if Maggie is mortified with embarassment.

This morning we abused our familiarity a little bit, as we were able to get one of Maggie's former co-workers in before regular visiting hours begin (this was just a technical violation of the rules, though; it was around 8 and the visiting hours start at 9). All involved just kind of pretended not to see her. I am always glad to get people in to see Woody, both because I think he's adorably cute, but also because I am curious to see what people's reactions are going to be. Early on, the visitors we had in seemed visibly intimidated by his size, by the leads and IVs and pumps he was connected to, and the environment in general. Hell, I was intimidated by seeing him at first. I remember how small he was when they pulled him out of Maggie, and I was nearly terrified to go in and see him the first time, because he looked somewhat like an alien. I've said this before, he was cute then, but you had to kind of look for the cuteness. Now, though, he's gotten to be a little chubby baby. He's gained about five inches in length and is over triple his birth weight, and since he fits into preemie clothes he's very fun to dress.

At this point he just about has more clothes than he can really use. Grammie told me she and Auntie Val went shopping for him the other day, and I told her that he didn't really need any more clothes, and she just said something about how everyone else gets to buy him clothes and she wants to too. Fine, mom. You can do that. But I can see how this is going, which is why Maggie and I are now in the process of getting registered for Woodygear on Amazon.com and a local baby shop. Details are forthcoming, for those who desire to get stuff for him.

Thanks for the support. We really appreciate it.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Lorrie said...

I love the new pictures.

Woody is so beautiful!!


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