Saturday, August 19, 2006

Watching closely

We're now over 24 hours past the steroid burst end, and what we see is now much closer to what we get for the Woody stats. While he's doing the steroid burst, his O2 needs could look better than his health actually indicates, but now he's on his own and we'll need to see what he does.

So far, so good. He's been riding in the 30s for his 02 needs, mostly, with occasional forays into the high 20s. The Grandmother Theory that he needs to cry to develop his lungs actually seems to be holding true, too: when he gets into a period of time where he's not satting as well, making him cry and get fussy has the effect to where he seems to blow through some areas of phlegm (balls) and collapse, and then he breathes better afterwards and his 02 needs decline. This has led to the joke that we are going to add a note to his chart to the effect of "when having trouble with sats, shake baby." Yes, yes, I know this is in poor taste because you shouldn't ever shake a baby.

Today is also notable because it's Woody's 100th day on earth. To celebrate, we picked up some cupcakes for the nurses and doctors (and us) and are having a mini-party. My buddy Jeff is out visiting from Washington, and is also helping us celebrate, so we're having a good time. Last night we went out to see the premiere of Snakes on a Plane, which is a truly terrible movie, but it's also pretty hilarious, so we had a great time. (I mean, it's hard to keep a straight face about some of the gratuitous parts of that movie when the whole thing is inherently gratuitous).

Woody gets a lab holiday tomorrow, so we won't really know any new stats until Monday, but subjectively anyway he's still doing outstandingly. He's still feisty, very strong, and awake and with it a good amount of the time. If we can just convince him to... excrete, he'll be totally golden. We're keeping a close eye on everything with him this weekend.

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