Friday, September 08, 2006

End of the visits

Jared goes home tomorrow, and this will end our string of visitors that seems like it's been going for about three weeks. We've seen my friend Jeff, who came out from Washington; Woody's aunt Krista, visiting from San Francisco; Woody's Granddad and Mimi Hobbs; and Jared. Visits are so outstanding, although despite the fun they do tend to mess with your schedule a bit.*

Visitors come in a lot of different types too. For instance, when my dad and Sherri visit, they stay in a hotel and pretty much try to just fit into what we'd ordinarily be doing (except that they insist on taking us out to dinner, which we grudgingly agree to). Jeff was like (as always) a chipmunk on speed, wanting to see everything, do everything, sleep little, and always out to keep moving. Jared is like a molasses spill in February, moving little, having little gumption, but ... uh... very sticky (sorry, that analogy just completely petered out on me).

Each type of guest has their merits, and I have enjoyed seeing everybody tremendously, but now that Jared's leaving the new routine is about to hit us in the face. For the last few weeks I've been off work before my new job starts, which happens on Monday. Woody's going to be home soon, we think, where soon potentially means in a month or maybe less (!). That means that normalcy as we know it is about to change, again.

Despite the fear I have about taking care of the peanut, I'm really excited to get him home, because he's such a little snuggly kid and he completely loves being held and loved on. The nurses have started doing things like taking him out of his crib for a few hours at a time and sitting him in a little chair on the floor at the door of his room. He sits there and tends to fuss, but then people come up and see how cute he is and talk to him, and that keeps him interested. I can tell right now he's a complete attention hog, and it's pretty cute.

We're still so excited about his progress, and everything looks great. He had a gas today of 55 CO2! (that's really good).

*A lot.


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

Hey, where are you lawyering these days?

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous jared said...

Thanks for the hospitality Hobbses. It was wonderful to behold and to hold Woodrow. Best wishes with the impending homecoming.


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