Friday, April 27, 2007


About an hour and a half ago, Woody was discharged from the hospital. They kept him overnight because of his impressive medical history and because his oxygen saturation was a bit marginal last night (in the 88-92 range). It was probably just because of some lingering effects of the anesthesia, because this morning he was back in the high 90s and was very, very active.

So he got one more quick look by doctor Way Hot, and then he was discharged with nothing but some tylenol for pain as needed. He already seems pretty much like normal, except for some crankiness related to some constipation (hm, I think I'm being redundant). He was even rolling from his back to his stomach in his hospital bed, and that was pretty rare before the surgery. So it looks like the whole episode has been successfully closed. He's going down to the farm today to recuperate, and I'm going to work. I'll try to post later some of the pictures that flickr choked on yesterday.


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