Friday, September 22, 2006

Knowing is half the battle

This is a very quick post just to update on the recent "crisis" that prevented Woody's release, that was originally scheduled for today. Woody's infection has been narrowed down (preliminarily) to a urinary tract infection, which is good news in the sense that it's one of the least serious possible infections, as well as the fact that he's had a UTI before and we know that he generally responds well to the antibiotic they give to fight it. He is on the intravenous antibiotic drip now, and his new release date appears to be closely tied to the length of time that they eventually write the order for. The consensus guess at a new date of release is a week from today. Woody will definitely be going home on a breathing monitor, too, so we'll have some extra protection from the fear that Maggie and I have had about falling asleep and missing some kind of event like the one that has delayed his release from the hospital. Thank for all of your kind words and support.


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Aunt Susan said...

Hang in there guys. You are almost out of that place!! We are thinking of you in Ohio. So sorry about the set-back. Thanks again for letting us be involved in Woody's amazing life. Love to you.


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